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“We are using Fowl Sounds to drive all the string instruments in Pulchra Morte. Jeffrey Breden is using the Green Flannel Overlord on guitar and I (Jarrett Pritchard) am using the Red Flannel Overlord on guitar. The reason I’m putting these in front of my already high gain amps is because the force that they add to the rig is reminiscent of a 70s era Marshall. These pedals are not for the timid, what they’re capable of is pure Armageddon. I’m using just a little bit of Drive in a little bit of force just to make the amp push a little more and it's an incredible sound.


For bass we’ve used both the Sonic Bronchitis and the Backstabber. We love both of them equally but went with the back stabber currently for Dylan Kilgore and it’s resulted in some excellent tones for the demos on the new album. The secret weapon for bass is definitely the blend and the ability to carry low end. 


They are unique and are an integral part of the guitar sound all day everyday in my work. In a world of Profiles and things starting to blur together- I really credit Mike and his work for helping to set our tone apart.”

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