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The Lifer

The Lifer


ships in 1 to 2 weeks



The Lifer is a signature pedal for Jon Campos of Primitive Man, and features art from Ethan Lee McCarthy. Inside the box lurks two pedals in one; a Caustic Distortion on one side and a Synth Drone on the other. These 2 circuits run in parallel and independently, but can both be turned off with the Distortion footswitch.  The Distortion is designed to retain low end extremely well while preserving the high mids region to cut through any mix.  With 2 op amp gain stages, and a JFET stage, the amount of dirt and volume is insane. While Jon’s settings are extreme, we kept the gain sweep wide for versatility and this pedal sounds great on Bass and Guitar. James Style tonestack with Low and High knobs really let you sculpt your sound, and the Distortion and Drone run on their own volume controls. With 3 voices, and frequency controls for each, the Drone is highly flexible. The Drone voices are then sent through a delay for more chaos, and low fidelity.  Each Drone has an on/off toggle for flexability(not pictured yet). Turn the volume on the Distortion side all the way down, and the drone can be used as a stand-alone instrument. Manual comes with control cipher.



POWER - Works with 2.1mm Boss styled standard 9-volt power jacks. Pedal uses about 100mA.

INTERNAL TRIMMER - Used to bias JFET, we do not suggest touching this.

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