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Grunge Texture





The TGB-1, is a tonal and artistic collaboration
between Fowl Sounds and Blake of AIWASS. It’s
meant for use with medium to high gain amps; to
tighten and punish. The TGB-1 is 2 parallel
overdrives combined with a blend control and
pushed through a switchable, active EQ. DRV-1 is
medium gain and focused on lower mids with a
passive low pass filter. DRV-2 is lower gain and is
focused on upper mids with a familiar, active style
tilt control. These 2 drives can be used solo
depending where the BLEND knob is set, or mixed
for endless tonal possibilities. For even more
sound sculpting, the TGB-1 offers a switchable
active EQ featuring a low and high control. These
knobs can cut, or boost depending on the settings.
Finally, up front before the input buffer, is the
FROST control. It acts like the tone control on your
guitar would, and gives this pedal even


POWER - Works with 2.1mm Boss styled standard 9 to 18 volt power jacks. Pedal draws about 51 mA.


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