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Grunge Texture
Chronic Titan

Chronic Titan


The Chronic Titan is a artistic and tonal
collaboration between Fowl Sounds and
Hashtronaut. It’s a Dynamic FUZZ with
pummeling low-end, dank mids, and
enough harmonic grind to cut through any
band mix. The traditional FUZZ control has
plenty of gain on tap, and cleans up nicely
with the guitars volume. Add some lower
gain beef back to the mix with the BODY
control, and sculpt your EQ with TONE and
MID controls. The CHRONIC TITAN runs on
9V to 18V DC with ultra clean power to
keep the white noise low and the feedback
musical. If filling the VOID OF SPACE is
your goal, this pedal is for you.

POWER - Works with 2.1mm Boss styled standard 9 to 18 volt power jacks. Pedal draws about 51 mA.


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