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Grunge Texture



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The BOXCUTTER is a collaboration between Fowl Sounds and Fuzzed Drones. It’s a gnarly square wave fuzz in parallel with a sub octave fuzz. The straight fuzz slams into an HM-2 styled tonestack with a mid-control added that can go from, wooly fuzz to metallic grind; with sustain for days. The octave can toggle between sub-1 and sub-2, and pushes a simple fuzz circuit for some low-end, synth like madness. Using the classic CD4013, we still get some glitch in the octave, but a lot of time was spent getting the octave to track well. Each fuzz has its own volume, and the Boxcutter has a master volume for complete control. The bypass footswitch acts as a master switch for the whole unit, and the octave footswitch turns the octave on/off when the pedal is engaged. Much more than a utility pedal, the BOXCUTTER will have you creating some of the heaviest riffs you’ve ever heard from one box.  


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POWER - Works with 2.1mm Boss styled standard 9-volt power jacks. Pedal uses about 100mA.

INTERNAL TRIMMER - Used to bias JFET, we do not suggest touching this.

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