Our bassified RAT complete with a Blend knob. Tight, Responsive and versatile. From mildly overdriven to full on blasting drone.

The charge pump lets the op-amp run with more headroom and allows for more quiet operation. The original RAT is known for a specific frequency response do to the inability of its IC to amplify quickly. Instead of chasing unicorns, the Backstabber uses filtering to emulate the frequency response. We are using a more modern IC which results in RAT-like tones that are tighter and more responsive.

Original signal is run through a highhead overdrive cirucit, Which can be used as a traditional clean blend, or parallel overdrive.


Works with 2.1mm Boss styled standard 9-volt power jacks (Sorry, no batteries). Consumes less than 50mA. Upgraded power supply with over-engineered capacitors and resistors keeps this thing quiet.