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Aiwass Desert.jpeg

The Echonomicon is a signature part of my board these days. When I first encountered Fowl Sounds, I was blown away by the diversity of his pedals and their power. Initially I was drawn in byt the Backstabber, but I discovered that Fowl had so much more to offer than dirty. The best in my opinion is the Echonomikon. It is in my opinion one of the best pedals you can get on the market. It packs considerable power and is the centerpiece of one of the new songs in our set that will be on our second album. Moreover, it has added a new ambience to the psychedelic sections from songs on the first album. The mixture of delay, reverb, ambience, and feedback are transformative and give a guitarist the ability to manipulate their sound and create sonic landscapes that I previously thought were impossible. I can't wait to add more Fowl Sounds pedals to my board, especially from the 187 series. 

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