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"As the sole guitarist I switch distortion tones a lot to suit the feel and dynamic of various parts. I have been through many dirt pedals over the years trying to find ones that are not only versatile adding that little extra to a gain channel, but go full on absolute crushing mode by themselves on a clean channel. Nothing I had used met all my needs until I obtained my first Fowl Sounds pedal, the Sonic Bronchitis, and it immediately replaced the fuzz I already had on my pedalboard. As soon as the Flannel Overlord and Betrayer were released they also knocked other pedals off my board. I can now cover any sonic ground I require. The amazing thing about all of these pedals is how quiet they are at a mute even with gain really cranked, that fact combined with how well they sound with downtuned instruments has secured their status as lifetime residents on my pedal board."

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