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Raise Hell Over The Summer is a neo-psychedelic rock band based out of Virginia.

"The Sonic Bronchitis beta stood well on its own but later improvements sealed the deal for me. This is the first pedal I’ve used that bass and guitar players can see easily use. It delivers incredible and controls my tones well. I’ve taken to using it in every Raise Hell Over the Summer song.


It delivers a thick sound that works well with other effects pedals while generating incredible feedback between songs. It works well with the V-6B rig I’m currently using. Get this pedal. Use this pedal. I don’t care if your sound is geared towards My Bloody Valentine or Bongzilla; you will get serious traction with the Sonic Bronchitis. I’m excited to see what my friends at Fowl Sounds will come up with next. They know what the hell they’re doing!"

-Mark Brown, Bass

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