Inspired by the building blocks of a modern legend, the Sonic Bronchitis 2.0 creates dynamic, amp-like distortion.

With a Nanolog Devices pre-amp stage, your signal gets boosted and shaped in way that has many "tube-like qualities in terms of harmonics, saturation, and frequency response”. This rich and mildly overdriven signal is then slammed into a LM386 chip. These two gain stages create amp like overdrive with lots of dynamics, clarity and grit. Depending on your picking style, pick-ups, and gain settings, you can go from warm bluesy overdrive to full blown Armageddon. For improved frequency shaping, we have added a James tonestack, similar to what is found in early Ampegs.

Our blend circuit has been reimagined to be a high headroom overdrive. At its lowest gain setting it will act as a traditional clean blend, with the ability to turn into a parallel overdrive to the Sonic side. The blend feature also contains a low pass filter for more tone sculpting.

We have also added a tunable drone feature to a momentary switch. Once engaged, this drone severs the Sonic side and pumps out some square wave goodness that is parallel to the blend side. Finally, frequency response can be toggled for bass and guitar.